Easy Ways to Approach Women (Even if You're Shy or Don't Know What to Say)

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  1. Jay

    Dude, awesome video. Besides the great advice it was a hell of a lot more fun to watch then most vidoes

  2. Vic

    Agree. Video was badass. And helpful. I definintely have some ideas of starving crowds. About time I put myself in front of them.

    Can’t wait until the next video.


  3. Redman

    Can you give some more examples of easy places? Video was really good. Looking forward to the the next to one.

  4. R-Cubed

    Awesome info Bobby…

    Did you make that cartoon yourself? I do animation work too, if you ever need anything let me know.

  5. Victor

    I have a question for everyone… Do you think work is a good idea to date a girl? I work with a woman and really like her… and I’m getting these signs he talked about in the video. but i don’t know if i should make a move or not since i work with her. do you have suggesions?

  6. justjakingit

    Thanks for the tips man. Some really solid advice in there.

  7. Eddie024

    Other great places to meet women: speed dating. online sites (stick to the reputable ones), networking events, and classes (yoga, cooking, spin)

  8. Jay


    I’ve always had no problems dating girls I work with. But it depends on the job. If you work in a more profesisonal environment it might not be a great idea.

  9. Diesel

    Sweet video man.

    How can I approach a girl who works in my bank? I don’t want to creep her out… but i’d like to ask her out.

  10. rangi

    agree dope clip fun to watch

  11. Kaotick

    Damn fucken nice video. I know a lot of hard is put to these videos, but we do need stuff like this with image illustration. thanks bobby, now for the hunt

  12. Bryan

    great video. got myself thinking “whoah!! sounds like me!! and uhh, sounds like them”. I’ll do it.. about time to get my balls pumping. I should’ve known. still, going to watch the next video. :)

  13. Kwaj

    Bobby you have nailed with this format, awesome job!

  14. warren

    audio isn’t working

  15. crls

    Thanks for the video Bobby very good advice and animation….
    Looking forward to seeing another video from you!

  16. Dave

    Agreee…the animation is easy on the mind. No fluff with 10’s to distract a guy.

  17. steve ward

    wow loved it, hungry crowd that makes sense too because i do that in business so now to apply that to women oh hello there ladies =P

  18. Rod

    Still waiting to hear and watch the video

  19. Rod

    Waiting to hear the video

  20. admin

    If anyone is having trouble watching the video just give it a few seconds or refresh… i sent this video out to about 50k guys today.. so it might be running a little slow if a lot of guys are watching it at the same time.



  21. Rod

    You have not allowed me to watch, why

  22. Dennis

    video was great bobby, nice pointers. I’ll surely try those..=)

  23. Peter

    Thanks Bobby I’ve had the exact same problem of not beign able to approach women, even the ones I know at school! – your videos are great keep’em coming!

  24. Steve

    Like your style Bro!…..Of course…I’m a New Yorker myself so I can can totally relate to how you state things. It’s crazy man how some of us out here get so complacent when it comes to things that make so much freakin sense. You see the handwriting on the wall and still ignore it like a dumb ass. Anyway…..great video as usual and thanks for helping us get back in the game…..later……….

  25. BOBBY, thank you for your GREAT NEWSLETTERS, however, it would be *** REALLY GREAT *** if @ LEAST ONE of the 200 PUA GURUs out there (hopefully YOU, BOBBY) could put the videos you guys often provide that are in a format other than FLASH which is a CRAP FORMAT THAT MILLIONS OF SMARTPHONES such as NOKIA N95 & NOKIA E90 **** CANNOT VIEW ****. MANY MANY MANY single guys (probably millions) out there do do have access to ADSL/DSL & rely on smartphones FOR WHICH YOU CANNOT USE FLASH. *** PLease do something about this ***. THANK YOU.

  26. A bunch of easy common sense great ideals you don’t even think of!

  27. Maky

    Hey Bobby.

    I Love your aticles man and i think i am improving on women so far but my problem is i use a phone to go on the internet so i can’t watch the videos,isnt there a way i can download them and view them on my phone

  28. admin

    For anyone who can view video and wants link to the mp4

    Download mp4  (right click save link as)


  29. mrbro

    Living Legend.

  30. cool.u gave it all your alls.thanks.

  31. David

    Great video Bobby Rio! I can totally relate to everything you talked about during the video! I know that being rejected doesn’t matter and I know what to say to the girl, but I’m just not motivated.

  32. jordan

    thank you so much for this video I appreciate how real you are and the frankness is refreshing… I hope I can internalize this to make my life just a little better.

  33. kuyet

    I need to watch the video from the comment I heard, I believe it wow and I wanna go wow.

  34. bill

    Its incredible!! very practical to act..!!

  35. pascal b.

    It’s funny to see how a cartoon can come to know about women and dating than I. 😉 lol.
    You touch a lit of great points in the video man. I suddenly realize how much I’ve missed on opportunities, clues women have been sending me all those years. Now I know better. Thanks for the enlightenment

    Pascal, ny.

  36. winston lambert

    Ready to check out video!

  37. Kelvin

    Wonderful piece of advice!!!!

  38. Don

    Loved it. Nice job.

  39. Kris

    My problem, isn’t so much of walking up to woman .. it’s the problem of not knowing what to say, or how to act, to make them interested or to keep them in the conversation. But, great video. Very informational.

  40. admin

    @kris I’ve got a lot of stuff on conversation skills here: http://www.youtube.com/makesmalltalksexy

  41. Jack

    Good stuff, looking forward to putting those ideas into effect!

  42. Ronald Mwesigwa

    You have do us a great deal through your messages.

  43. Arun

    This is starting to make some sense. Thanks

  44. Robert Dodds

    Hi Bobby this video is pure magic.It really got through to me more than the stuff I paid you for also the best of all the others,I got them all
    yours bob dodds

  45. dave

    permission denied. you do not have permission to access videos…

  46. cliff

    Totally badass dude. Some great advise. Well got to hit the starving market. Thanks man.

  47. I agree, because what had just told me sometime true. There some girls that I wanted to approched I really don’t know what to say. so I hope the next video can benfite myself.

  48. Jesse

    Awesome video

  49. Maurice

    This amazingly true, most of my life dealing with these girls. I haven’t crack in egg yet just do not know what to say at right moment. hopefuly this next video help me alot.

  50. tony

    i’m on dail-up

  51. Great vid.

    Please try to proofread your emails. You have a few spelling and grammar errors that frankly make your look stupid. Its a jarring contrast with the incredible production and language of the video.

  52. AlexMagno

    Great video, great advice. I will certainly try out all these next time I go out.

  53. Desmond E.

    Simply an amazing video. I’ve probably learned more from this video than all my lady killer friends combined. The trick now is, how to get my cowardly ass to apply the knoedge here, lol.

  54. Wai

    Awesome video, quite enjoyable to watch then other vids. Man what you said was so true, I can’t talk to girls, even if they send out clear signals . I’ve been to 3 different bootcamp and bought load of dvd, even your social programme ( but only listened to week 6) and its been like 4 years and I still cant do shit as I have extreme AA. I hate my self already, as every time I get the chance to go out, I feel like doing something and never do. . .

  55. james

    Loved to video, man you should be on tv….

  56. Keith

    loved this video, Bobby! it kept my attention the whole way and I actually walked away feeling good.

  57. tpraogoshuy


  58. ahmed

    i don’t no maybe

  59. Demeterious

    Lol awesome video man. You should make all your videos like this gives us pictures and stuff so we can rember and the visualize ur self walking up to a girl is outside ur reality made me Roflmao couse it’s true I lost my mojo :'( how do I get it back?

  60. Shollex

    How to approach a girl on facebook

  61. Shollex

    I want to approach a girl on facebook pls help

  62. Shollex

    Give me the video pls

  63. Timothy

    Just to know more

  64. Nucleus

    Um sad coz the internet um using has bin blocked for youtube,so i ddnt see the video my bad

  65. John

    This video was awesome! I have a girl in my pottery class, and you nailed it. It’s not that I’m scared to go talk to her, but i just keep procrastinating. I can’t think of a way to approach her. The one thing that I do fear is that I approach her and try to start a conversation, but nothing comes out and then there’s the awkward silence. I have that class tomorrow and I’m not going to try to approach her, I AM going to approach her. P.S. I’m 16, got any tips?

  66. siroosh

    thanks for this

  67. Ben

    Very helpful info, thanks

  68. Ejaaz

    Check this

  69. Brenden

    Amazing video!

  70. Andrea

    You totally look and sound like Ray Liotta in this video, LOL!! Very classy….

  71. zaydon


  72. This site is like a classroom, expcet I don’t hate it. lol

  73. Ray

    more easy locations other than the clubs or bars. good video, great advice.

  74. ivan

    Good looking out Bobby!
    Just this past weekend i went to a party and kept trying to pump my self up to be confident but the hours past i started to feel low “ehh i’m not the good looking, she’s with her friend don’t wanna bother her” all the excuses you can think of :/ , i gotta stop being afraid of rejection i take it way to heart. even if i didn’t dance with a girl i should of at least talk to one. can’t wait for the next vid bro.

  75. Niiccccccceeeee Rio………..
    Buddy u make me damn confident………
    Why u provide this type of Rich content for free…….
    I can’t understand………
    Soo … nice of u… buddy………..

  76. Christopher

    Hi Bobby, this is awesome stuff… never saw things in that angle before? got to say you got
    me thinking… Thanks dude,

  77. Amnat

    I haven’t bought any of your product yet because I’m still 14 and don’t have the money yet, and I’m a virgin. So, MY QUESTION IS how do you know if she have HIV or AID????????????????????????

  78. Gerardo

    Great advise!!

  79. 1911

    Bobby, hey man what a great way to show a video, very clever, and wow now a days who has the time to do those types of videos, owe yah have your programs working it out.

  80. gregory

    Excellent content – but no “video” – only audio – try watching your own site from a mobile device like a java-enabled blackberry 9810 – thanks – you’ll undertstand immediately

  81. Rome

    Awesome! Can’t wait for the next vid.


  82. Ian

    uhm…i really need the vid to be posted ‘tomorrow’ as said on this vid. but i only added myself here today, and i think you could seriously help me. could you send it again?

  83. Anil

    Im anil chawla..
    this is cool website..
    Due to this site i have flirted many girls in my life

  84. Sunny

    Nice video.

  85. terry


  86. michael

    i want to know how approch a woman without fear

  87. Alegrand

    Here we go…

  88. anymonous

    I cant believe it,girls have been giving me signs everytime I go out.I just don’t take advantage of that.And if I do. I talk fast trip all over my words with one part of me wanting to stay and the other wanting to leave.Even with girls I already know..I have trouble talking to them and keeping a conversation going.It’s so frustrating.

  89. frank


  90. John

    This vid is pretty good, but my own techniques were damned good. Mine take real cajones and thick skin, but the results are worth it. Whenever we (my pals and me) wanted to meet women, we’d just head to the mall. Wear a suit and stand around in the women’s section of a dept store. You’ll get asked questions in a matter of minutes. Give your opinion, help them choose, say what looks good on them, etc.When they go to check out is when the fun starts.

    The vid is true that confidence is the key. It touches women on a primal level.

  91. jesse

    bobby is simply great.
    Has got great mastery and perfection,
    ..a great learning for me.

    thanks bobby.

  92. SImo

    FUCK I missed a lot of opportunities!

  93. Brilliant and very good!! Bobby, you are a slick salesman.

  94. khalil

    Swag! This is gud

  95. It really tout me a lesson

  96. Sonam

    Good stuff, but would you really want to hang out in the smoke outside? What for? My only interest in who’s smoking is to know who it is I do not waste any time on. Who wants to kiss a smoker? I certainly don’t that stinking hair in my bed.

  97. uvie

    Am not able to watch the video.

  98. Awesome video dude it has really opened
    My eyes. Your video is gonna get me the
    girl of my dreams. Thanks and god bless
    you dude

  99. am still wating for the video.

  100. Sam

    Hey it was an awesome video. I was wondering if i could get a list of these tips so that way i dont forget.

  101. Ace

    Good stugg. Ive missed out on some obvious signs

  102. brianc

    very nice thank you

  103. Mwenga

    The video is helpful

  104. ahmed

    dude i m really interrested to watch more about this

  105. aaron

    Thank you so much for this! I am looking forward to the next video because I have no mojo!

  106. Nam

    Cool ..cant wait until next video!

  107. wilsmithanderson

    I will appreciate it

  108. dj54

    nice video man. Now there is this girl who is doing english honors out there in a different uni.
    i hv talked to her twice . but i dont know how to get her out. i really like

  109. Darnell

    Super nice video dude. Easy to understand, fun, informative. Your one of the good guys. Thanks.

  110. Howie M

    Hey there Bobby there is intresting information in that video clip would like to see more in the near feature ma8ty keep it up ( Good Stuff )

  111. jon

    Wow Bobby..you got REALLY good looking oliver sudden!!….kidding dude..killer vid and GREAT advice as ALWAYS.

  112. orly25

    thanks a lot. waiting next one

  113. Excellent video from somebody who knows what he is talking about. To all those on here who are asking about how to approach one particular girl – don’t. You are putting her on a pedestal and creating unbearable tension. The way to get ANY girl is for her to see that you have options. Get HER to chase YOU and the job is 90% done. And if you don’t get her, it doesn’t matter because you get someone else.

  114. hector

    this is very good

  115. motlalepule

    Hello..I think approaching a girl is a task that needs
    Focus,determination and a usable brain…I’ve ask many girls
    out with the same strategy,I got different answers the don’t even
    correspond nor have similarities…but days went by I got to understand
    what is it that I’m doing wrong.

    But I have trouble with this gorgeous girls I wanna date..I don’t know what to say when I
    Get to them.

  116. Dorian

    Excellent Video Bob,

    Great information and covers a lot, even some things most guys wont recognize like the signals women give that they want you to approach them.

    Nice work

  117. ma7

    nice strategies 😉 i have no problem in approaching girls that i have no big interest in or iam just looking for 1 night stand relation and i feel confident, but when it comes to girls that i really like and be attracted to or i feel that this is the right one for me i start to hesitate and i lose some of my self confident,so what do u think is the solution to this problem?

  118. Great video. But start putting even more advice on texting girls. I really want to get better at that area.

  119. Steve

    Shot bit more of an eye opener cartoons, great way to get points across

  120. dave

    Good Job with the information.

  121. Meach

    Bobby Man….you are so generous with this highly valuable info. You care and it shows. If I knew all that you did….I would not spend time any time on anything else but pick up all day long. Great Video and presentation. Thanks again for the way you put out all your stuff.

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    Ready for more info. Really inquisitive.

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    Hi I really like this video cuse it”s do informative.I’ve always been good to talk whit women but this video give me incridbale ideas and I really want to use these ideas.

  127. Jeff

    Love this concept. It’s funny that most guys only think about bars and clubs to pick up girls instead of improving their day game. Great!

  128. FIsher

    Damn Bobby this was good stuff! Its easier to digest.

  129. Send me that video

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    On the money…

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    it was awesome!!!

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  136. Outcast

    Finally! Someone Who actually gets what I’m dealing with!

  137. Night train

    The video was informative because you hit on the little things most people don’t think all that much about. Keep giving out good information.

  138. Mario

    bobby this video was awesome and completely on the money!! just a few hours ago i was out at a club and i had one girl give me these signs and she at one point gave me a look that said what the hell are you waiting for. but just like you well your cartoon said i think i lost my mo-jo i have a few reasons that i believe why but i still have a hard time over coming them. thanks again for all the advice and i’ll be eagerly waiting the next video

  139. Lars

    Great advice & video!!!